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FMCSA Legal Compliance Review Program:

Our quarterly compliance review program involves a review of an interstate  carrier's adherence to the FMCSA consumer protection, economic, and tariff regulations. 

Each quarter the carrier provides copies of a sample set of up to five closed customer files for review. We will review, evaluate, and send back a written report with our findings. This program is designed as a teaching tool to help carriers identify areas of non-compliance so corrective action can be taken.

Each compliance review will evaluate the following:

  • Tariff compliance

  • Consumer paperwork (bill of lading, revised estimate, etc.)

  • Form and manner violations

  • Hostage violations

  • STB released rates valuation compliance

  • Weight certificate compliance

  • Fraudulent advertising

  • Operating authority

To participate in the quarterly compliance review program please contact our office.  Carrier's already enrolled in the program need only to make photocopies of up to five closed customer files and mail them to our office.  Carriers can send the copies of closed files for evaluate each quarter (every three months).   For more information please contact our office at:  800 - 513 - 6060.