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Retainer Fee: A retainer fee is essentially a deposit that a client gives their attorney to officially retain their services and start working for them. This means that the client will give them a certain percentage upfront and the attorney will use that amount to start working with on the case. This type of retainer fee is usually standard with all legal professionals because it shows that client is serious and committed to pursuing the case and that they also have the ability to afford the services.

Monthly Retainer (Recommended): A monthly retainer fee is slightly different from the aforementioned retainer fee. This is basically a payment that you give us to provide a blanket services (Restrictions Will Apply) for a flat fee. This could be for one particular attorney or it may consist of a small group of legal professionals. A monthly legal retainer services is often cheaper than hiring an attorney on an independent basis. Their hourly rates alone may end up being higher than the cost of an entire month of legal retainer services. If the client may have an ongoing need for legal services in the future, then a retainer service is definitely the most affordable option.



✓  Questions regarding safety issue. i.e. Drug testing requirements, driver qualification files, log books, etc

✓  Respond to a letter from an attorney general’s office or other consumer protection organization

✓  Respond to a customer attorney demand letter

✓  Representation in neutral Arbitration (Additional Fees May Apply)

✓  Respond to insurance company subrogation demand letter

✓  Letter Preparation against consumers with negligent debts (Unpaid Accounts) 

✓  Drafting of general contracts and agreements. i.e. interline agreement, employment contracts, etc (Additional Fees May Apply)

✓  Answering general FMCSA regulatory questions. i.e., “Am I required to disclose the address of the public storage unit where I store the customer’s property?” or "how do I calculate the charge for a customer who wishes to purchase full protection valuation?"


Our job here at is to make sure clients do everything they can to minimize the risks that are within their control and to avoid conflicts that can land them into litigation, or worse. Our clients view us not only as their Legal Support & Consulting Services, but also as an integral part of their team, essential to their strategy for success.

“An Ounce of Prevention…”
What we often tell clients is that what we do for them is practice “preventative law.” And the success of what we do is based on the proven principal that the cost to fix basic legal problems can be up to 20 times more expensive than doing things right from the beginning!


A monthly legal retainer with can be a lifesaver for small businesses. It is an affordable, yet highly effective way to manage the legal aspects of the business. At one point or another all small businesses will need legal services, but the reality is that working with a legal professional can be very costly depending how you work with them. Here is some information about retainers, how they work, and their potential benefits.